Team Sky Should Surrender The Yellow Jersey

Here is my theory.

As Porte said “we got our arses kicked”.No Kiriyenka,an injured Thomas,off form Lopez,Stannard and Siutsou.Leaving EBH,Porte and a shaken up Kennaugh.

The stages this week are as follows:

Stage 10 – flat

Stage 11 – TT

Stage 12 – Flat

Stage 13 – Flat

Stage 14 – Lumpy but nothing serious

Stage 15 – Mount Ventoux

What Sky could do without is burning out their riders.I think stage 10 is perfect for letting a break go and allowing a rider to claim the yellow jersey with a fair few minutes to spare.That’s because Froome will make up time on the time-trial.It would really help Sky,in the final week,if they were able to rest this week.Froome will obviously be favourite to take the jersey back on Mount Ventoux.Are you listening Dave Brailsford?


One thought on “Team Sky Should Surrender The Yellow Jersey

  1. Agree Sky will be happy to let the ‘right’ break go and win – unfortunately they won’t be able to prevent OMPQ, Lotto, Argos Shimano and probably others closing it down. Stage 14 is the one for a breakaway success but that comes a little late for sacrificing yellow prior to Ventoux..

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