Eneco Tour – Stage 3 Preview

The organisers haven’t bothered to provide a detailed profile for this stage,the best I could find was this.

profile-03Dig a bit deeper and you find this.


Look even further and you find this.

kaartStage 3 is right out on the coastline and we know what that means ….. wind!

The forecast is for a 40% chance of rain and 5-6mph wind.That isn’t too strong but I wouldn’t be rushing to put any money on a mass sprint.

With 3km to go there is a 90 degree turn and with just over 1km to go there is a very tight left hand corner before a straight run for home.

Everyone is expecting a mass sprint but I’m not so sure.I think some teams are sure to try and create echelons,although the wind needs to be a bit stronger than predicted.

Team Belkin were good at it in the Tour and they have 2 men for the overall(Boom and Kelderman) who would benefit from such a strategy.

OPQS are big fans of echelons!They also have a number of men going for GC.

I am not going to make any bets myself due to the unpredictable nature of the route but a few,long shots,have caught my eye.Watch out for my tweets in the morning and in-play.

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