La Vuelta – King of the Mountains

Remember,the Vuelta and the Tour are different and the rules for their classifications also differ.

Firstly,the jersey has polka dots but they are blue.

With have 5 different classifications of climbs:

3rd category – 1st 3 points,2nd 2 points and 3rd 1 point

2nd category – 1st 5 points,2nd 3 points and 3rd 1 point

1st category – 1st 10 points,2nd 6 points,3rd 4 points,4th 2 points,5th 1 point

HC or Especial in Spain – 1st 15 points,2nd 10 points,3rd 6 points,4th 4 points,5th 2 points

Top Alberto Fernandez which is awarded for the highest climb of the race – 1st 20 points,2nd 15 points,3rd 10 points,4th 6 points,5th 4 points,6th 2 points.

The Tour started to award double points on mountain top finishes to try and ensure that the winner wasn’t a rider that continued to go in breaks but the Vuelta decided not to follow.This means that you have to go in breaks to win the classification.

Simon Clarke(Orica) won in 2012 from David de la Fuente,with Joaquim Rodriguez in 3rd.

Clarke had 63 points compared to the 40 of de la Fuente.

To win this jersey you must be able to climb(obviously) but also have the stamina to go in breaks on a number of stages.

David Moncoutie won it from 2008 until 2011,but he is now retired.



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