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It’s time trial time!

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 17.43.11A 13.2km TT with 2 lumps in the middle.The climbs aren’t anything to worry about,as they are about 4% and not very long.

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 18.35.51The first half of the course is fairly technical with a number of sharp corners,and the second half is straight.

There is no forecast for rain and the wind should remain a constant 6-7mph for the whole day.It’s a southernly wind,so a headwind on the way out and a cross/tailwind on the way back.

The 2nd half is well suited to powerful riders like Wiggins,who can put it in a bike gear and churn away but the 1st half is suited to riders who can accelerate quickly out of corners.

As the course is short,there shouldn’t be big gaps between the GC contenders.The 2012 TT was over the exact same distance,but a different course,and Tuft won by 5 seconds to Phinney and 6 seconds to Boom.

With 2 very difficult stages to come on Saturday and Sunday a rider like Phinney will need as much time as possible over the others.Remember the main GC contenders are Boom,Kelderman,Chavanel,Phinney,Gilbert,Terpstra and Moser,so keep an eye out for their times.

Going by his form in the Tour of Poland,Bradley Wiggins should destroy the field again.He is riding this week only for this stage,so I expect a win by about 25 seconds.The battle should be for the 2 remaining slots on the podium.

Phinney,Boom,Kelderman,Chavanel and Westra will all be close in time and it’s difficult to split them,but I’ll try!

1st – Wiggins

2nd – Phinney

3rd – Boom

The bookies seems to have gotten this one right and there isn’t much value in the markets.Current odds with bet 365:

Wiggins 1/2

Phinney 4/1

Boom 17/2

Chavanel 17/1

Because of this I don’t have a recommended bet for the stage.


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