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Eros Capecchi

The 27 year old Italian had a season disrupted by ill health. Riding for the Movistar team, much was expected of him but he struggled in the first half of the season.

His Giro was affected by allergies, but he did start to show some form towards the end, finishing 19th on the final mountain stage.

His second half of 2013 started well, finishing 6th in the Tour of Poland. This prompted Ivan Basso to say that he would be one of the 3 Italians to watch in the Vuelta: Basso, Nibali and him.

Capecchi was also talking up the possibility of leading the team, but the form of Valverde ended that hope. He did well, in the service of Valverde, and will look with hope towards the 2014 season.

Here is an interview I did with Eros:-

Do you think that your health problems are now behind you?

I hope so. I would like to express truly what my chances are.

The Giro was raced in very cold conditions, how difficult was it for the riders?

Difficult, the conditions were at the limit. People do not realise it, he who does not feel it, he cannot understand.

You suffered with allergies during the Giro, how hard is it to ride a grand tour when not 100%?

It’s already difficult to run it at 100%, let alone with physical problems. I hope that everything that I had to pass through will be just a bad memory, that has enriched me in experience.

Your 2013 season got much better at the Tour of Poland, with 6th on GC. You must have been very pleased to return to form?

Yes I did a great Tour of Poland, although I could have done something better in certain stages.

You then went to the Vuelta, and was always with Valverde in the climbs. How did you find the Vuelta?

Tough because after the first week my physical problems had returned and I was not riding the way I wanted to be.

On stage 14, the temperature dipped and riders like Basso had to quit due to hypothermia. How difficult was that stage?

The Giro was even worse!

Basso had said you were 1 of the 3 Italians to watch in the race, but you didn’t get an opportunity. How frustrating was this?

Very much so.

Movistar seem to have faith in you, will you be given opportunities to lead the team in 2014?

Of course!

What races do you like best?

The Tour de France.

Do you know your race program yet?

It is not 100% yet and I don’t know what my first race will be, but I will probably do the Tour de France.

What are your goals for 2014?

There is no race in particular, and the goal is to go as fast as possible to redeem the past season.


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