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Mattia Cattaneo

He’s 23 years old, Italian and a world beater in the making!

In 2011, he won the baby Giro with Fabio Aru back in 4th and in the same year he finished 3rd in the Tour de l’Avenir. This was ahead of Warren Barguil and Romain Bardet.

He is an outstanding talent but had his 2013 ruined by bad luck and ill health, but he returns in 2014 and is ready to claim his seat at the top table of cycling.

Here is my interview with Mattia:-

You had a lot of bad luck in 2013. You crashed out of the Giro d’Italia and also discovered a heart problem. This must have been a big worry for you?

For sure, the crash out of the Giro was a big disappointment, while the heart problem wasn’t a real one because the concrete problem was about glycemia, but now everything is ok, luckily!

Did you start to consider a future without cycling?

In the last few months I considered the possibility of leaving cycling, because for me these have been hard times. But thanks to my girlfriend, other friends and my team, Lampre-Merida, they helped me to keep holding on and to never give up.

Thankfully these problems are now behind you. You haven’t raced since June, how long will it take you to become competitive again?

I hope I can become competitive again by March/April, and above all for the Giro.

You had your first taste of some of the classics in 2013. Which one is your favourite?

Tour of Flanders is the best one day classic race for me but I think it’s not appropriate for my physical features. Being Italian, the best race for me is the Giro!

In my recent interview with your DS, Matxin, he said you could be the next big Italian star. What do you think of this praise?

I’m proud about these words and I hope that it will become a reality. I will train even more to help realise this goal.

Which races are you most looking forward to in 2014?

I want to do well in each race, but I hope to do good at the Giro.

What pressure did winning the baby Giro bring you?

None from outside, but in myself, I feel a lot of responsibility because I want to prove that I can be a professional cyclist.

You must be looking forward to working with the world champion, Rui Costa?

I’m proud to work with the world champion and I will help him in each race.

What type of race suits you best?

I like the Tour, but it’s very hard. I hope to increase my performance for this race.

Do you know which race you will do first in 2014?

I will start the season at the GP Costa Degli Etruschi, in early February.

What are you like in TT?

Time trials are a particular type of race, but I like it because you are alone. You “only” have to go fast! If you have the power it’s okay but if you don’t, you have to pray!

What is your perfect type of climb?

I like the long, regular climbs.

What are your goals for 2014?

I hope to be a protagonist in the most important races, as helper or leader.


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