2023 Vuelta España Stage 17 Preview

Ribadesella > Ribeseya-Altu de L’Angliru 124km

I don’t often talk about what happened after the event, but I’ll make an exception today. The UAE tactics on the final climb are up there in terms of the worst ever in cycling, what the fuck were there playing at? Vingegaard goes, and they have Soler, Almeida, Fisher-Black and Ayuso in the group. A reminder that Vingegaard starting the day in 3rd place, just one ahead of Ayuso. The obvious tactic was for Fisher-Black to start pacing the group, followed by Almeida, which could have brought him back and allowed Ayuso to attack and hopefully gain time in the battle for 3rd. Did they do that? Oh no, the genius decision was for Fisher-Black to try and follow Vingegaard, a man who’s out of the GC picture, and who didn’t have a chance of catching the current Tour de France champion. This call meant that Ayuso lost 1:01 to Vingegaard, whoever made this decision needs to take a long hard look in the mirror, it’s so bad I don’t even know where to start. Bahrain thought it was a great call, they did the same thing too! Anyway, enough moaning, it’s time for the Angliru.

The GC position is weird, something that’s never been seen before. Jumbo-Visma can seemingly do what they want, when they want, the rest are rolling over waiting to get their tummies tickled. Everyone would love to win here, that’s why it would usually be a GC day, but that looks like only happening if Jumbo-Visma chase the break, and I don’t think they will considering the two climbs that come before the mighty Angliru. Unless Movistar or UAE want to try something, I think this is a day for the breakaway.


Cloudy sun, temperatures will be around 20 degrees.

The Climbs

First up is Alto de la Colladiella, by this point the break should already be formed.

Next up is Alto del Cordal, a devilishly steep climb. A fast, technical descent follows, before the final climb of the day.

The Angliru in all its glory. Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the hardest climbs in pro cycling. Last time we were, a certain Big Hugh took the win.

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